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Inspired by an article in a certain magazine for women over a certain age (not that she’s OLD or anything…), MARY hosted us for a dinner themed on the Pacific northwest’s penchant for fresh seafood and local (in some cases wild) ingredients.

We started with a soup that could easily be a fantastic meal in itself:  Whiskey Smoked Salmon Chowder.  Then while Mary fried up the crabcakes, Buffy served Summit Salad (2 colors of shredded cooked beets made this salad special — and we figured out that probably where the recipe says “roasted sunflower seeds” it means the kernels).  The crabcakes were then served hot right out of the skillet, accompanied by Sun-Dried Tomato and Fennel Chutney, wild rice with wild mushrooms, Haricots Verts with Herbed Butter, and grain bread from a local bread market.  Mountain Brownies with fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate were the perfect ending.  All of this was set on a beautiful tablescape crafted by our favorite artist herself.

Copyright laws technically prevent me from copying the recipes verbatim here, and More Magazine doesn’t seem to publish the recipes online.  But if you want the full menu and recipes, they were published in the Feb. 2009 issue.  Or you can contact a chick, and we can share our copy with you, offline.

Some time I’ll wax political and sarcastic about the silly regulations about reproducing recipes online.  We want to be professional and ethical, which sometimes means that we can’t share proprietary recipes verbatim (though there are time-consuming methods of getting around the silly rules, which seem pedantic and pointless to me, but here I am waxing all political and sarcastic, which I don’t have time for…).

Awesome meal, Mary.  And Cindi, we missed you!


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