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Dinner Chicks, Nov. 2008

Dinner Chicks, November 2008

Dinner Chicks is a group of great cooks and also good friends, in and around Charlotte, NC.  Our group roster has changed only a little over the last five years or so of monthly gatherings, and we have become each other’s extended family.  We share more than meals and recipes; we share each other’s lives.  We also share a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and our meals are celebrations of his goodness to us.  You can view more pictures of our trips, meals, tables and fun by using the links over on the right.  (When the window opens, click on “slideshow.”)

The ground rules for DinnerChicks are simple:  all members are expected to make Chicks a priority, and guard their schedules accordingly.  We try to meet on a set Monday night each month, but we sometimes change to accommodate chicks’ travel schedules or unavoidable business meetings.  We take turns hosting the meals in our homes:  the hostess chooses a theme, and prepares the main dish, drinks, and setting.  She assigns what kind of accompaniments are needed from the other chicks:  a salad, a green vegetable, a potato dish, dessert, etc. — the number of side dishes depends on the number of chicks expected that month.  Sometimes we mandate particular dishes or suggest recipes that complement the main dish, and sometimes we let people search for ideas and recipes themselves, within the given theme.

We also have established a few other traditions:  an annual “chicks and roosters” Christmas party (inviting the husbands), an annual trip to one chick’s beach house in Edisto, SC.  We also go out to eat occasionally, and get together often to celebrate family milestones, such as a recent double-shower for one member’s daughter and daughter-in-law who were expecting babies at the same time; and a 50th surprise birthday party for another member’s husband.

On this site we hope to chronicle our memories and meals, recipes, photos of us and our tables and centerpieces — mostly for us to enjoy, but we hope it will inspire Dinnerchicks blog visitors to form a group yourself and enjoy the gift of friendship, food and fun that such a group provides.  Please feel free to leave comments!


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