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No recipes made it to my inbox (probably the holiday busy-ness) — but don’t miss our picture album of this one. (Click on any picture to go to album.)  The evening’s a bit of a blur (hmm…how does that happen??).  I do recall the chicken Veronique, and some amazing desserts.  And I came away with an awesome faux-fur vest in our “re-gift” Chinese swap.  Sorry, Amy.


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And the party was just as cheesy as that headline.  Keri pulled out all the stops for this ultra-traditional, ultra Hallmark-cards-style party:  dress red and pink, and expect paper cut-out hearts.  LOTS of them.

Dinner was incredible, of course…starting with the red cocktails complete with battery-lit “ice cubes” (flashing, of course), and ending with just the SWEETest red velvet heart-sprinkled cupcakes.  Chicks put the roosters to shame with their knowledge of all things male (male trivia, that is…).  Though John did surprise us with his knowledge of chick flicks and what YSL stands for in ladies’ cosmetics.

Keri and John, you guys sure know how to host a party!!

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